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KNS KOREA Since 1999

The world where we are living in 21st century is proliferating in terms of globalization, informatization, nationalization, energy and environmental issues. Not only that, FA products and systems are getting complicated owing to progressed technology and highly automated system.

KNS Korea has empathized and considered in customer’s side because it is the best way to make them satisfied since 1999. Therefore, SIKO Korea has provided abundant custom-tailored solutions so as to create better future where human beings and high technology come together.

KNS Korea will pursue even higher and more valuable objectives under
<Quality Guaranteed>, <Speed>, and <Challenge>

  Management Philosophy    

KNS Korea contributes to establish safe and affluent society and create 

more valuable worth based on respecting people, wisdom and challenge.

Management Philosophy

On the basis of customer-centered mind, SIKO Korea provides the best skill, quality, and service.
We create new worth and make human society prosperous by ameliorating the value of company.
In accordance with human-centered management, we respect every single person’s potential and behavior.


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